Taking Action After An Accident: What Should Happen First

Timing is everything when it comes to many things. Timing after an accident is extremely important as well. To be paid what you are owed by the careless driver, you should take action in a timely manner. However, jumping to the end of the case prematurely will surely leave you underpaid by the insurer. Time-related actions are important so read more below and get the timing just right.

Be Healthy and Stable

Car accidents can leave victims shaken up both emotionally and physically. Take the time you need to stabilize your injuries. You may be more likely to make poor decisions if you act while under the influence of stress, pain, and medication. Big decisions should not be made until you are at a point in your healing where you feel comfortable and more yourself again.

Don't Jump on a Settlement

You might be surprised at how quickly the insurance adjuster for the other side contacts you. These insurance employees have some good reasons for calling on you a few weeks after the accident. They might hope, for example, that you have not had an opportunity to speak with a personal injury lawyer yet. That can mean that you may be more likely to accept a low settlement offer. They are also counting on you being ready to get your life back together again and they are offering you some money to do that. However, wouldn't you rather wait and be paid what you should?

Get a Lawyer on Your Side Right Away

The sooner you speak to a lawyer, the less likely you will be to make a mistake. Even if you don't settle your case for weeks to come, speaking to a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible will help in many ways:

  • You may be prevented from taking a too-low settlement offer
  • You may be prevented from ruining your case by speaking directly with the insurance adjuster
  • You may be prevented from negatively affecting your case by posting on social media

And more.

Future Needs are Important Too

Your injuries could be the type that doesn't heal quickly. It's not uncommon for accident victims to need additional medical care several months after the accident case settles. Future medical needs should be part of your accident settlement. However, you must wait until your injuries stabilize before your future needs can be defined.

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