When Your Personal Injury Offer Is Better Late Than Never

After being in an accident, many victims are focused on recovering from their injuries. Along with that, however, are questions about what they are owed. Many auto accidents settle outside of court. That works out well for victims that want to be paid quickly. However, settlements can be delayed. Read on and find out what could happen after you file a lawsuit against a careless driver.

Get a Lawyer's Help

Being hurt in an accident can place victims in a vulnerable position. They may fall victim to the other driver's insurer, for example, and be taken advantage of. Rather than let that happen, speak to a lawyer and they will work with the other side to get you paid what you deserve. Your lawyer will work out how much you are owed and negotiate with the other driver's insurer to settle the case. Unfortunately, though, some cases don't settle.

Why Some Cases Don't Settle

A car accident case has many diverse parts to it. It takes both parties agreeing to all those parts for a settlement to happen. For example, you may need compensation to cover future medical treatment. However, the other side disagrees with the severity of your injuries. The parties can disagree on pain and suffering, lost wages, medical bills, car repairs, and more. When the parties cannot come to an agreement you and your lawyer can file a lawsuit.

Lawsuits Can Prompt Offers

Filing a lawsuit can change things. The other side does not want to go to court because it costs them more time and money. They may not have been prepared for you to file a suit. That could prompt them to make you a better offer that you will accept.

Discovery Can Also Prompt Lawsuits

A common pretrial practice that falls under the discovery phase can also change things. Depositions are sort of a practice session for the trial where witnesses and others are questioned about the accident, your medical treatment, your prognosis, and more. The facts that come out at the deposition and with other discovery procedures may be previously unknown to the other side (the defendant) and they could reevaluate their offer to you.

An offer can come after the trial begins too. Any time before the judge reads the verdict can produce an offer that might be acceptable to you. To find out about late offers, speak to your personal injury lawyer. For more information, contact a car accident injury lawyer near you.

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