Personal Injury Law: 3 Errors That Qualify As Medical Negligence

Every patient visits the hospital hoping to receive quality care and treatment. Unfortunately, an error can arise during treatment, causing complicated health conditions. Medical errors by health caregivers are considered an offense and are prosecutable in court. As such, you have a right to take legal action against a health care professional who caused you or your loved one an injury during treatment. Since a medical malpractice lawyer has likely dealt with numerous medical malpractice cases, they can help you navigate your lawsuit. This article looks at three medical errors regarded as negligence in law. 

Misdiagnosis or Lack of Diagnosis

Your doctor should conduct a comprehensive medical examination before prescribing medication. An examination ensures that they treat the right condition. An incorrect diagnosis directly translates to a wrong prescription. 

Likewise, your doctor might fail to detect a medical condition even after an examination. They can fail to detect an injury, infection, or tumor. That means you'll continue living with the condition without your knowledge, and your health could deteriorate with time. Filing a lawsuit against the negligent doctor is the only way to recover the losses incurred in rectifying the damage caused by the misdiagnosis. Your lawyer will guide you through the legal steps. 

Medication Prescription Error

A prescription error may occur when your doctor prescribes a drug that does not treat the disease you're suffering from. It can also arise when your physician prescribes the right medicine but recommends the wrong dose. 

Taking the wrong medicine can complicate your health condition further, causing more pain and suffering. Your personal injury attorney can help you get justice by suing the healthcare professional who prescribed or recommended the wrong dose.

Surgical and Post-Surgical Negligence

Some surgeons perform several surgical procedures daily, and because of that, they may overlook some details that could endanger their patients' lives. For example, a surgeon can leave surgical instruments inside the patient's body due to fatigue or haste. In this case, the patient has to undergo another surgical procedure to remove the object from their body. 

Additionally, some caregivers fail to provide their patients with the required care after surgery. This negligence often leads to additional complications and prolongs the recovery time. Failing to offer proper care after surgery is a punishable offense. So inform your lawyer about the incident and file a claim against the reckless surgeon or caregiver. 

If you encounter any of the situations above, contact a personal injury attorney. They will first investigate the case to unearth the wrongdoer. They will then file a claim to ensure that everyone who participated in your injuries gets punished and offers you an acceptable settlement.

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