Why Construction Site Accidents Are More Disastrous When Motorcycles Are Involved

Construction sites can sometimes be difficult to navigate as a motorcyclist, especially if you are traveling on an expressway and there's a lot of traffic. A construction zone can lead to construction workers being forced to direct traffic or traffic might be diverted into another lane. For a motorcyclist, a construction zone can be especially dangerous because of the debris that can be found in such locations.

Construction Debris

Construction sites can often have debris that is easy for a motorist to drive over. However, a motorcyclist can easily lose control or suffer a flat tire due to the debris. Even if you don't fall off your motorcycle as a result of the debris, another motorist might try to avoid it and collide with your motorcycle because he was less likely to see the debris. The road that you must drive on can also be dangerous because it provides a less stable surface. You'll have to worry about gravel, even more, when you have to make a sudden turn. The road may be rough or uneven as well.


You might be struck by a piece of machinery if it is not being used properly or if the construction workers are not effectively communicating with each other. Oftentimes, drivers need to be guided around machinery. However, if the construction crew does a poor job guiding motorists or if another driver becomes confused, this can lead to an accident. 

Liability at Construction Sites

After a motorcycle accident, the party who is considered liable can either by another motorist, the construction company, or both. If both parties are responsible, you'll be more likely to receive full compensation for your injuries because you won't have to worry as much about auto insurance policy limits. With a motorcycle accident, you'll be much more likely to have serious injuries. In addition to needing compensation for current and future medical bills, you may also be unable to work and may be entitled to lost wages and future lost wages.

The Importance of a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Because motorcycle accidents can be very different from conventional accidents, you'll need help from a motorcycle accident attorney who can help explain to a jury how the other party was negligent and was responsible for the accident. A motorcycle accident attorney will also be aware of the obstacles that you may face as a motorcyclist, such as the biases that motorcyclists face.

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