When To Seek Help With A Personal Injury Situation

There is a perception that car accident victims are all too eager to get involved in lawsuits. Unfortunately, that perception is false, and the many victims fail to understand how much more compensation they might be entitled to receive by taking action. Not all accidents require the services of a personal injury attorney, but not knowing the difference between a minor accident and a major accident can end up costing you money. Read on for some tips on knowing when it's time to speak to a personal injury attorney.

Financial Problems Are Affecting Your Recovery

When you miss work due to an accident with injuries, the effects on your ability to pay your bills can be devastating. If you are like many people, you don't have thousands of dollars in a saving account to cover all those missed days from work. If you are counting on the insurance company for help, they are not very likely to cover lost wages and even if they do it can take some time for reimbursements to come. If you are behind on your bills, a settlement is often the best solution. Speak to a personal injury attorney about your case and have them negotiate with the insurance company for you. You might be able to settle your case and be paid in a matter of weeks, not months.

The Accident Is Affecting Your Career

Speaking of lost wages, another insidious issue can arise when you are unable to work at your job. If you have the kind of job where your absence means more than just the loss of hours on the job, you might be entitled to lost earning capacity damages. Business owners, entertainers, the self-employed, and others who have suffered career damaging effects because of the accident are entitled to money damages. If you missed out on job-training, an important client meeting, the big black Friday sales campaign, etc., speak to an attorney.

The Accident Caused Serious Injuries

Minor accidents often mean only minor injuries. If you seem to be fine after getting checked out by your doctor, you probably will be happy with the insurance coverage provided by the at-fault driver. The worse your injuries, however, the more you need legal help. Severe injuries can mean a long recuperation period and lots of after-care. You might need physical therapy and future medical care, which are only available by taking legal action. You should not need to foot the large medical bills associated with long-term medical needs because of a careless driver, so speak to an attorney as soon as possible

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