Personal Injuries & New TV Shows: Separating Fact & Fiction From Your Personal Injury Case

The premiere of new fall television shows brings a lot of content into homes. Among these shows are a lot of dramas focusing on crimes, laws, and court cases. From true-life documentaries and fictional story lines, it's easy to get caught-up in the world of television drama. Before making any assumptions about injury cases, lawyers, and settlements, it's important to separate facts from TV. Even if shows are entertaining, they do not represent the true world of personal injuries. By breaking down different elements if these shows, you can have realistic expectations when it comes to consulting with lawyers and moving forward with a case.

Instant Settlements

A lot of shows showcase an injury and then proceed with a demanded settlement from either the victim or the lawyer representing them. This settlement is often paid out on the show without any additional scenes or information regarding the actual details. If you are involved in a personal injury, the settlement payout could take months or even years depending on your particular case. A personal injury attorney often has to negotiate a settlement based up on the injuries, emotional damage, and liable parties. A lot of times, the settlement agreement is not actually paid by the liable party but rather the insurance company that they have coverage from. To help stop payouts, many insurance companies will try to negotiate different settlement amounts or try to avoid them all together.

This is why it's important to communicate with a personal injury attorney. They have the ability to properly represent your case and should be the only party that you speak to. Personally negotiating or accepting things from insurance companies or liable parties can impact your ability to reach a proper settlement.

Evidence Access

While watching shows, it often seems convenient how quickly people can gain access to evidence like surveillance footage or random witness statements. In the real world, items like this do not just magically appear. Obtaining evidence is an important process of our case and it requires the knowledge and ability of a lawyer to properly complete. A lawyer knows how to properly get evidence like video footage, police reports, and official witness statements. By following the proper protocol, lawyers can ensure that your injury is accurately represented. The evidence will be organized, cultivated, and studied to best represent your case and help you obtain a proper settlement.

Trials & Juries

Some of the most dramatic parts of a personal injury case seen on television come from court trials that take place. Scenes may feature witness statements, dramatic reenactments, and bombshell testimony that takes the case in a whole new direction. The truth is that a majority of personal injury cases are settled out of court. There is no dramatic court room scene, no jury selection, and no judge slamming his gavel for a final decision.

It is rare for a case to reach the trial stage. Not only can this save a lot of time and anguish, but it can help save money on lawyer fees. If a personal injury case does go to trial, trial lawyers and extra resources would be needed to properly settle the case. All of this would result in more of the settlement amount going to the lawyers. Settling a case out of the court system will help save a lot of time and allow you to reach a settlement faster. It can also help reduce the stress it takes on you. A majority of the work will be completed by the lawyer, allowing you to relax and focus on properly healing from your injuries.

Making contact with a lawyer early on in your case can help the process get started as soon as possible. Learning information directly from a lawyer can also help eliminate any of the false pretenses that you may have gotten from television shows.

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