Travel Bloggers: 4 Financial Impacts Caused by a Car Accident

Traveling around the United States is an amazing experience and one that can be detailed through a travel blog. If you run a travel blog and have been involved in a car accident, then the injuries from the accident may cause you to delay or cancel a variety of travels. If someone else is at fault for the accident, then an attorney may help you seek a settlement for your injuries. Along with reimbursement for the physical injuries, you may also receive compensation for financial losses directly related to your travel blog. By breaking down four different costs, you can ensure that you receive proper compensation for money lost and any future expenses.

1. Blog Revenue

One of the biggest financial impacts that the car accident could have is on your blog revenue. Without the ability to travel and blog, you are likely losing out on revenue on a daily basis. For example, a number of blogs operate using a PPC (pay-per-click) format. This means that when guests come to visit your blog, you can get paid for any ads that are clicked on. If you have lost the ability to post new content, you are losing potential income for your blog.

To help calculate your lost blog income, your attorney will use past income records to showcase the profits you made. For example, an attorney can use weekly profits and monthly income to showcase a pattern of earnings. The attorney can also break down expenses to focus on how much your revenue increased when a new blog entry was posted. This can help get you the best compensation for your income losses.

2. Damaged Equipment

If you were traveling for your blog when the accident occurred, then you may have had pieces of equipment get damaged during the accident. When working with an attorney, they can help you receive compensation for the damaged property if the accident was not your fault. For example, you may been using a dash camera to capture videos and images for the blog. Using receipts and property value, you can receive compensation for the cost of the dash cam.

Additional equipment that you may receive compensation for includes GPS devices, personal voice recorders, laptops, and a variety of camping gear that you bring for your travels. Images and documentation of the damaged equipment can help build evidence for the case and get you the proper compensation.

3. Travel Reservations

As a traveling blogger, you may often make a number of plans well in advance. If these reservations cannot be refunded, then their full costs may be included as part of your settlement case. Examples of reservations include hotels, air plane tickets, or campground spots. You may have even had tickets for special events like guided tours, helicopter rides, or adventures in the wilderness. An attorney can use reservation confirmations and receipts as part of the evidence in the case.

4. Driving Fees & Memberships

If you travel often, then you likely have a lot of travel expenses that become a part of your everyday trips. After the accident, these services are no longer needed as you heal from injuries and avoid traveling until you are well again. Instead of letting the money go to waste, you can get compensation for these memberships and help pay for them again when you're well enough to travel.

One example of a membership is a roadside assistance program like AAA. These memberships may be on an annual or monthly basis. An attorney can help you calculate how much you have lost during the time when the service is no longer needed. You may also have prepaid for toll booth passes. Many states offer these passes for easy access through tolling areas. If you are unable to drive your car, then you are not getting the full value for these passes.

Additional memberships you have may include parking passes to national parks, amusement park season passes, or beach parking passes. Work with an attorney to compile a full list and add up all of the costs for your settlement case.

Consulting with an attorney is the first step in getting compensated for your injuries and various expenses. By making a phone call, you can help ensure that your travel blog stays up and running when you are ready to return to it. Speak to a representative from a company like Gelman Gelman Wiskow & McCarthy LLC to get started.

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